sobota 23. februára 2008

SCOPUS: automatizovane stahovanie plnych textov clankov

Najnovsia sprava zo SCOPUS - neuveritelne ulahcena praca so stahovanim vyhladanych clankov. Citujeme:

"Scopus introduces the Document Download Manager from February 19, 2008, a new free tool that allows Scopus users to download full-text articles faster and more efficiently."

"In a few simple steps it is possible to select, download and save up to 50 full-text articles simultaneously. If the full-text of an article is not available on the publisher’s site, or if a user is not entitled to access the full text, there is also an option to save the relevant abstract for future reference. The user can also choose their own naming convention that suits their filing system that will be accredited to all articles downloaded via Scopus, enabling the user to organise their files quickly and easily. When a user returns to Scopus next time, all settings will be remembered."

"This unique tool, available to all Scopus users, improves both productivity and effectiveness significantly."

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