utorok 27. marca 2007

International Conference of Geomechanics 2007, Bulgaria, Nessebar, 11-15.06.2007

Web site: www.confgeomech.info


1. Modern methods and technical means for the determination of the physics
mechanical properties (elastic, plastic and rheologic characteristics).

2. Analytical methods and software guarantee for the determination of the
state of strain and stress in tunnels and underground structures, and of the
support rock system interaction.

3. Geomechanical scientific investigations role on mining and
constructional technologies improvement and better utilization of mineral

4. Stability of flanks and slopes in the mines, hydraulic facilities and
the tailings.

5. Mine survey, Land survey and geophysical methods and means for the
determination, control and prognostication of strains and the stress state
of the rock massif in tunnels, opencast and underground mining works,
protection of buildings and equipments from the influence of mine.
Protection of the buildings and facilities in mining industrial area.

6. Geomechanical and ecological problems in the construction, sanitation
and liquidation of the mines, tailings and underground works.